Issue 9, May 14th to May 21st, 2009


Industry arguments behind China steel anti-dumping cases (Metal Miner, 5/20/2009) Last week we wrote an article on the subject of steel imports and their effect on domestic mill utilization rates. The article had countered the industry’s assertion, quoted in a Purchasing.com article, that imports caused the US steel industry’s low capacity utilization rates. We contend that imports do not appear to have significantly changed as a percentage of US consumption, and in fact the low capacity utilization ties to poor demand.

China’s edge in the energy-efficiency industry (Los Angeles Times, 5/19/2009) The sleeping giant is taking the lead in manufacturing components for solar and wind generators and building electric cars, but the U.S. could still catch up.

Supplying a greeer industry (The Guardian, 5/19/2009) Globalisation has powered economic growth in developing countries such as China. Global logistics, low domestic production costs, and strong consumer demand have let the country develop strong export-based manufacturing, making the country the workshop of the world. It fuels growth and helps pull millions out of poverty.

One year of open information (China Dialogue, 5/18/2009) In May 2008, the Chinese government implemented new transparency rules on environmental information. chinadialogue publishes a round-table discussion about the successes and failures of the measures.

Paul Krugman: Empire of Carbon (Mercury News, 5/16/2009) These should be hopeful times for environmentalists. Junk science no longer rules in Washington. President Barack Obama has spoken forcefully about the need to take action on climate change; the people I talk to are increasingly optimistic that Congress will soon establish a cap-and-trade system that limits emissions of greenhouse gases, with the limits growing steadily tighter over time. And once America acts we can expect much of the world to follow our lead. But that still leaves the problem of China, where I have been for most of the last week.

China’s 12th Environmental Five-Year Plan: National Preparation Efforts (China Environmental Law Blog, 5/15/2009) Ever since the 7th Five -Year Plan China has prepared a separate environmental protection plan. The contents of the 12th Five-Year plan (十二五) are already under consideration, and we got a very broad view of the national planning effort and a more specific view of the Shanghai planning effort at the “Call for Green China” conference yesterday.


Maryland science center to hatch “Chinasaurs” (Baltimore Sun, 5/21/2009) If the Maryland Science Center has anything to say about it, Baltimoreans will soon think of China as the home of more than chopsticks, serious ping pong players and the giant panda. By the end of the summer, it should also be known as the land of Mamenchisaurus, Szechuanosaurus and Monolophosaurus, not to mention Tuojiangosaurus and Psittacosaurus.

NGOs call for ban of government purchases of cigarettes (China Daily, 5/20/2009) An anti-tobacco group has called on governments to butt out of the business of buying cigarettes with public money.

HFMD moving north: Experts (China Daily, 5/20/2009) The hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is spreading its tentacles in northern China, with a "high number" of infants and children suffering from the seasonal epidemic in Hebei province, the China Center of Disease Control (CCDC) said Tuesday.

Contact resumes with Chinese environmentalists missing in African desert (Xinhua, 5/20/2009) Jin, an Olympic torch bearer and an experienced explorer, and geologist Fei Xuan started their scientific research expedition in Africa last month, to research desertification control measures for China's environment protection campaign. They re-established contact with home Wednesday after reportedly disappearing in the Sahara Desert for three days.

China export hub can cut emissions by 24% according to WWF (Reuters, 5/19/2009) Carbon dioxide emissions in the Pearl River Delta, China's export engine, could be cut by up to 24 percent through low-cost, green technologies, according to a study released on Tuesday by WWF.

Two forest fires in the same day in northeast China (Xinhua, 5/19/2009) Nearly 2,200 people in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province are trying to bring a forest fire under control, according to the local government.


China signs multiple energy supply contracts to boost security of supply (Datamonitor, 5/20/2009) China National Petroleum Corporation has signed deals with Russian state-owned companies Rosneft and Transneft for crude oil supplies, while China National Offshore Oil Corporation has formed an LNG supply agreement with BG Group.

Evergreen Solar to issue $60 million in shares (Reuters, 5/20/2009) Evergreen Solar Inc said on Wednesday it would issue $60 million in new common stock to build a new solar wafer plant in China and expand its Michigan production facility.

Hybrid-power vehicles sales experience embarrassing situation (People’s Daily, 5/20/2009) In addition to the variety of policies promoting environmentally-friendly vehicles, the Rules on the Production Admission Administration of New Energy Automobiles which were implemented over a year ago, have made hybrid- and electric-powered vehicles gradually more popular.

Solarfun Power Holdings Slips to Loss in Q1; CEO Resign; Shares Climb (RTTNews, 5/19/2009) The Qidong, China-based company reported a first quarter net loss attributable to shareholders of RMB 7 million, or US$1.03 million, compared to a net profit attributable to shareholders of RMB 104.6 million in the year-ago quarter.

As Detroit crumbles, China emerges as auto epicenter (Washington Post, 5/18/2009) America's auto titans are dismantling their global empires. But across the Pacific, it's as if the global economic forces that have pummeled Detroit never struck. Chinese auto sales are up, and this year China is projected to displace Japan as the world's largest car producer.

China has closed half its iron ore mines, says Rio Tinto (The Telegraph, 5/18/2009) China may have closed down half of its iron ore mines since prices collapsed, according to Anthony Loo, Rio Tinto's managing director for China.

Crisis calls for birth of China’s ‘green miracle’ (People’s Daily, 5/15/2009) Recently, an article about Chinese planning to create a "green miracle" became eye-catching news in the UK's "Daily Telegraph". The newspaper reported that wind storms which had annoyed businessman before were now being used for power generation. It has been included in the power generation plan of new green revolution for energy deficient countries such as China. In Daban city, the “windmill forest” of tremendous size has been expanding to the horizon.

How GE became a green pioneer in China (BusinessWeek, 5/14/2009) From wind turbines to advanced power plants, China is a big consumer of General Electric products.


China stops construction of power plant on Nu river (The Times, 5/21/2009) China’s Premier has ordered a halt to construction of a hydropower plant on one of the country’s most remote and beautiful rivers, demanding a more in-depth study of its impact on the ecology and local communities.

Environmental protection school set up in Yinchuan (ChinaCSR, 5/21/2009) A citizens' environmental protection school has been formally unveiled at the No. 4 Primary School of Xingqing District, Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and is the first of its kind in the city.

Smokers will face higher fines in Beijing (ChinaCSR, 5/20/2009) Beijing is revising its smoking-ban regulations and will raise the value of fines imposed on smokers who smoke in public places.

China announces stimulus package for petrochemical sector (China Knowledge, 5/20/2009) China's Cabinet, has announced a three-year economic stimulus plan for the petrochemical sector, sources reported. The stimulus plan is part of the government's efforts to resolve the industry's structural problems, which include scattered industrial distribution, pollution and heavy dependence on imports for high-end technology and equipment.

China working on further national plan to address climate change (Xinhua, 5/20/2009) A senior Chinese official told Xinhua Tuesday that the country is working on a national plan to further cope with the issue of climate change.

China: 80% electronic wastes left untreated (SinoCast Daily Business Beat, 5/20/2009) China's waste electrical and electronic products reach 200 million units a year, only less than 20% of which are recycled and treated, according to the round table between the China Economic and Social Council (CESC) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

World Bank lends $80 million to N China’s methane project (China Daily, 5/20/2009) The World Bank said Wednesday it approved a loan of US$80 million to help China to increase the development and utilization of coal-bed methane to meet a growing demand for energy and reduce greenhouse gases and local air pollutants associated with coal combustion.

Belgium to showcase “green economy” at Shanghai World Expo (Xinhua, 5/19/2009) Participation in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is very important for Belgium, Belgian Minister for Economic Affairs Vincent Van Quickenborne said on Monday in Brussels.

China to subsidize auto, home appliance trade- in (Alibaba.com, 5/19/2009) China will subsidize consumers who replace their old cars and household appliances for new models that are energy-saving and less-polluting, in an effort to spur domestic consumption and protect the environment, the government announced today.

China to build two dams in Sierra Leone (Reuters, 5/19/2009) China is to build two hydro-electric dams in Sierre Leone as part of efforts to foster ties with the West African country, its ambassador there said late on Monday.

China to boost oil refining under stimulus plan (Bloomberg, 5/18/2009) China, the world’s second-biggest energy user, will increase its annual oil refining volume by 18 percent by 2011, boost fuel stockpiles and encourage petrochemical companies to merge as long-term demand rises.

New strategies for China’s energy quest (Caijing, 5/18/2009) In a sign of changing times, Chinese oil firms are busy cutting global deals with resource-rich countries and western companies.

Thirst of the cities drives the giant drills to water China’s parched north (The Guardian, 5/18/2009) The Guardian was the first foreign news organisation to enter the pits and tunnels at Jiaozuo in Henan province, which are at the centre of China's latest, greatest engineering project, the South-North Water Diversion Scheme. In the spirit of President Hu Jintao's drive for "scientific development", the aim is to engineer a solution to the most pressing environmental problem – the alarming depletion of water resources in the arid, heavily populated north.

China sorts out 3,400 problematic rural hydropower plants in six years (Xinhua, 5/18/2009) China sorted out more than 3,400 problematic rural hydropower plants in six years in an effort to curb rising number of safety accidents, the Ministry of Water Resources said Sunday.

China phases out pesticide POPs (China Daily, 5/18/2009) China has phased out all pesticides containing persistent organic pollutants (POPs) by May 17, as required by the Stockholm Convention, Vice Minister of environmental protection, Zhang Lijun said in Beijing on Monday.

China and EU to work together on recycling (Xinhua, 5/18/2009) Cooperation between the recycling industries in China and the European Union (EU) should be enhanced, officials attending the 5th China-EU Round Table meeting agreed Monday.

Minister: China’s rural hydropower plants help curb greenhouse gas emission (Xinhua, 5/17/2009) China's rural hydropower projects have become an important part of the rural infrastructure and a critical means of protecting the ecological environment, said Chen Lei, Minister of Water Resources Sunday.

China’s future cities to make small carbon footprint (Xinhua, 5/16/2009) Even as China undergoes one of the most rapid urban transformations in the world, the Chinese government is promoting sustainable development to curb the country's growing rate of carbon emissions, a World Bank urban specialist said here on Friday.

Anti-smuggle police save 6 bears on border (China Daily, 5/15/2009) Six little bears moved into the Yunnan Wildlife asylum Center in Kunming, Yunnan province on Thursday, after they were rescued by anti-smuggling police.

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