Issue 12, June 4th to June 11th, 2009


China and the environment: Red, green – and black (The Guardian, 6/11/2009) Visiting China a couple of years ago, the American journalist Thomas Friedman conceded that, when it came to climate change, his hosts had a point. Yes, the west had grown rich using dirty old coal and oil, and the Chinese had the right to do the same. "Take your time!" he told a conference in Tianjin. "Because I think my country needs ... five years to invent all the clean power and energy efficiency tools that you, China, will need to avoid choking on pollution and then we are going to come over and sell them ... to you." It took a few moments for his words to be translated and land in delegates' headphones - and for the ripple of consternation to spread around the hall.

Chinese emissions and the measures being taken to combat the problem (Associated Content, 6/10/2009) In my latest international excursion, I discovered exactly why China is infamous for having the largest carbon emissions in the world. Upon stepping out of the Beijing airport I was taken aback the sheer density of Carbon Dioxide and gas emissions in the air.

Todd Stern: No tradeoff between economy and environment – China must do both (The Green Leap Forward, 6/8/2009) U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern delivered a speech on Wednesday (June 3) on the relationship of China and the U.S. and what both must do together as we head into a crucial period of bilateral and multilateral meetings on climate change.

Planning for sustainable future (Shanghai Daily, 6/8/2009) Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, said in a recent interview that "China has done a tremendous job of having rapid development."

China’s climate progress by the numbers (Center for American Progress, 6/4/2009) A common refrain from climate action naysayers is that, “China is building two coal-fired power plants a week!” They insist that the United States should wait until this major emitter takes on binding commitments to climate change mitigation before it decides to adopt global warming pollution reduction policies in the American Climate and Energy Security Act (H.R. 2454). They further claim that if such a bill became law, the United States would be transferring its jobs to countries such as China and India that are doing nothing to curb emissions. But that thinking is exactly wrong.


The microbial hydrocarbon diet (EurekAlert!, 6/11/2009) Bioremediation of industrial sites and petrochemical spillages often involves finding microbes that can gorge themselves on the toxic chemicals. This leaves behind a non-toxic residue or mineralized material. Writing in the International Journal of Environment and Pollution, researchers in China describe studies of a new microbe that can digest hydrocarbons.

People’s Republic of Mercurty: China, Part Three (The Center for Consumer Freedom, 6/11/2009) As we’ve been telling you this week, the big mercury conference going on in Guiyang, China is the place to be if you’re looking for answers to those burning questions we all have about that slippery, silvery, heavy metal. We answered some of those questions for the fish-industry newsletter Seafood Source this morning. At the conference yesterday, the question du jour was this: Where does the mercury in the open ocean come from, anyway?

China races extreme weather for wheat harvest (Xinhua, 6/10/2009) China is racing extreme weather including hail, heavy rain and strong winds to harvest wheat.

Anteaters adapting to new home in Shanghai (Global Times, 6/9/2009) The Shanghai Wildlife Park has imported a pair of anteaters from South America - the first time the animal has been exhibited in the city, officials said yesterday.

Cascading effects at the third pole (China Dialogue, 6/5/2009) Climate change may lead to unpredictable and dangerous consequences for water systems, biodiversity and human livelihoods across the Himalayas. Ed Grumbine and Xu Jianchu ask how such risks can be addressed.

Taking wildlife off the menu (China Dialogue, 6/4/2009) As some rare animal species approach extinction, conservation groups in southern China are working to change the region’s traditional appetite for exotic fauna. Jonathan Watts reports.

Chinese photographer named UN Climate Hero (Xinhua, 6/4/2009) Thursday, on the eve of World Environment Day (WED), Luo was named a "Climate Hero" by the UN Environment Program. The honor is awarded to individuals who undertake exceptional personal feats, high-profile expeditions or other acts of environmental activism.

Pollution index up and running (China Daily, 6/4/2009) China's first Pollution Information Transparency Index (PITI) has been officially launched and has published its first annual assessment of the pollution information disclosure performance of 113 Chinese cities for 2008.


China: Air Liquide starts its operations in Chengdu for TFT-LCD Manufacturers (Wall Street Journal, 6/11/2009) China is becoming an important geography for the Thin Film transistor - Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) industry. Driven by growing demand, TFT-LCD's manufacturing capacity in China has been experiencing a continued growth rate ranging between 20 to 30% per year. This trend is expected tocontinue during the coming years as result of coming upgrade cycles in display devices. Beijing Oriental Electronics Technology Group (BOE) and Tianma Microelectronics Co. Ltd rank among the world top TFT-LCD manufacturers.

New Report – Beverage containers in China (ReportLinker, 6/11/2009) Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Reportlinker Adds Beverage Containers in China

Coke launches ‘green’ contest ahead of Expo (Digital Media, 6/11/2009) Coca-Cola has joined forces with the Shanghai Expo Organising Committee and portal QQ to launch a contest across China aimed at promoting environmental sustainability.

Oil market gaze turns to China (Petroleum Economist, 6/11/2009) Rising oil demand from China was one force behind the bull-run in energy markets of the last few years. Can the market rely on the country's economy to rescue prices?

Metro China drops plastic bags (ChinaCSR, 6/10/2009) Metro, one of the world's largest retailers, has announced it has stopped supplying plastic bags in its 38 retail sites in China.

Taiwan companies invest in clean energy in Jiangxi (ChinaCSR, 6/10/2009) News from the Taiwan Affairs Office of Jiangxi province is that Taiflex Scientific Company from Taiwan will invest CNY3 billion in Xinyu, Jiangxi, to build a solar panel production line with a capacity of 500 megawatts.

China’s renewable energy shares are overvalued, analysts say (Bloomberg News, 6/10/2009) Renewable energy companies traded in China, led by Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co. and Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., are overpriced and are set to fall on declining global demand, said analysts.

Oz Minerals shareholders accept Minmetals bid (Financial Times, 6/10/2009) Oz Minerals shareholders on Thursday voted to accept Minmetals’ purchase of the company’s mining assets after the Chinese group raised its offer in a pre-emptive move to head off opposition.

Tesco, Carrefour and Wal-Mart go green in China (International Supermarket News, 6/10/2009) Tesco, Carrefour and Wal-Mart are opening a range of new energy-saving stores in China. This is part of the chains' common aim of achieving "zero-carbon" stores by next year. Each chain wants to save a million yuan in electricity and water costs.

Plastic bag ban ignored at open food markets (China Daily, 6/10/2009) Nearly 96 percent of all Beijing open food markets breach the plastic bag ban according to new survey conducted by Global Village.

Deadly ammonia spill is ‘under control’ (Shanghai Daily, 6/9/2009) Authorities in a city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region said yesterday that a 10-ton liquid ammonia leak that has killed one person and injured another two was under control.

PerkinElmer CEO eyes China environment opportunity (Reuters, 6/8/2009) Concerns about tainted food and consumer products, as well as poor air and water quality in China and elsewhere, is providing growth opportunities for PerkinElmer's sophisticated testing instruments, its CEO said.

GMP mining cash from electronic rubbish (China Daily, 6/8/2009) The global financial crisis has failed to chill the sales of GISE-MBA New Plastics Technology Co (GMP), a three-and half-year-old plastics recycling firm in Guangzhou.

New Energy Automobile Alliance set up in Chongqing (ChinaCSR, 6/8/2009) Chongqing Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Alliance, which local media reports is the second of its kind in China, has been formally unveiled in Chongqing.

Household paper giants clean up act (China Daily, 6/8/2009) China's household paper industry has not been affected by the global economic slowdown, with firms using a variety of tactics to get a greater share of this lucrative market.

CRP headquarters to get HK$600m ‘green’ makeover’ (China Daily – HK Edition, 6/6/2009) China Resources Property (CRP), a subsidiary of consumer-focused conglomerate China Resources Enterprise, will spend up to HK$600 million renovating its head office in Hong Kong.

China’s smart grid ambitions could open door to US-China cooperation (NEEDigest, 6/5/2009) China’s largest electric transmission company has announced an ambitious plan to develop a national smart grid by 2020 that would help utilities and their customers transport and use energy more efficiently.


Beijing headed for ‘garbage crisis” (China Daily, 6/11/2009) In another "four to five years" all of Beijing's 13 landfill plants will be full, leading to a "garbage crisis", the city's municipal administration commission warned Wednesday.

China’s economy transforming in green revolution (Xinhua, 6/11/2009) China's economy is going greener as the world's third-largest economy makes resolute efforts to save energy and reduce pollution.

China says no to greenhouse gas cuts (AFP, 6/11/2009) China will not accept binding cuts in its greenhouse gas emissions, an official said Thursday, after the United States said it made progress with Beijing in talks here on a global climate pact.

Interview: China to build a number of “wind power Three Gorges” (People’s Daily, 6/11/2009) As an important renewable and inexhaustible energy, wind power is conducive to sustainable development. China has rich wind energy resources and favorable conditions for development of wind power. After years of efforts, China gained remarkable achievements in wind power construction. In early June, Shi Lishan, deputy director of the department of new and renewable sources for the National Energy Board introduced the situation for China’s wind power characteristics and development prospects.

Tibet launches ecological compensation for grassland (Global Times, 6/10/2009) This year, 200 million yuan has been allocated to the ecological compensation for grassland in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), sources from Zhang Yongze, head of TAR Environmental Bureau, on June 8. The experimental work of ecological compensation will be launched in 5 counties of the region.

China leads escalation of coal consumption (The Guardian, 6/10/2009) Coal consumption is continuing to grow more quickly than other traditional sources despite high prices and the dangerous impact it will have on carbon emissions, new statistics released by oil giant BP show.

China, Kenya jointly develop solar products for Africa (People’s Daily, 6/10/2009) A joint research project between China and Kenya will help utilize solar energy in Africa, scientists said Wednesday.
China Presser addresses US-China climate talks (China Environmental Law Blog, 6/10/2009) In our continuing effort to provide you with every little shred of information released about the recent visit of US climate negotiator Todd Stern to Beijing, here is a portion of the transcript of Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang’s Regular Press Conference on June 9, 2009 which touches on the topic.

Iran, China sign $5 billion contract on South Pars Gas Field (Bloomberg, 6/10/2009) National Iranian Oil Co. said it has signed a $5 billion contract with China National Petroleum Corp. to develop Phase 11 of the South Pars gas field.

China Inner Mongolia to set up coal price fund – Xinhua (Reuters, 6/10/2009) Inner Mongolia, China's second-largest coal producing province in 2008, plans to set up a coal price adjustment fund, to finance key commodities reserves and adjust coal prices when necessary, the official Xinhua News Agency said on Wednesday.

China vows to enhance co-op with U.S. on climate change (Xinhua, 6/9/2009) Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong on Tuesday said the country was ready to increase cooperation with the United States on climate change.

China to build Yunnan the Overpass between Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean (PR Newswire, 6/9/2009) The 17th Kunming Import & Export Fair and The 2nd South Asian Countries Commodity Fair, which are sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, have drawn the curtain on June 6, 2009, at the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. Meanwhile, GMS Economy Corridor Week was also held by the Ministry of Commerce, People's Government of Yunnan Province, Asian Development Bank. Holding so many events promoting economic cooperation activities in the same time fully embody Yunnan's active and pragmatic posture of paying great attention to the Southeast Asia region's economic cooperation.

China Energy Recovery Completes a Waste Heat Recovery System for a Chemical Fiber Producer in Zhejiang Province (PR Newswire, 6/9/2009) China Energy Recovery, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CGYV) (ISIN: US16943V2060; "CER"), a leader in the waste heat energy recovery sector of the industrial energy efficiency industry, today announced that the company has completed a waste heat recovery system for Mingye Chemical Fiber in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province.

China trials ‘Blue Fire’ program in Changshu (ChinaCSR, 6/9/2009) China's Ministry of Education is piloting an initiative known as the Blue Fire Program in Changshu, Jiangsu province.

China and Russia build cross-border wildlife zone (ChinaCSR, 6/9/2009) According to China's Xinhua News Agency, China and Russia will set up a wildlife protection zone on the border between the two countries to protect rare animals such as the Northeast Tiger.

China and U.S. seek a truce on greenhouse gases (The New York Times, 6/7/2009) For months the United States and China, by far the world’s two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, have been warily circling each other in hopes of breaking a long impasse on global warming policy.

China, Japan to expand cooperation on environment, technology trade, IPR (Xinhua, 6/7/2009) Japan and China vowed to promote cooperation on the topics of environment protection, technology trade and intellectual property rights (IPR) protection during their second high-level economic dialogue held here on Sunday.

China rejects USD 21.5 billion of polluting projects (SteelGuru, 6/7/2009) Bloomberg reported that China, the world’s second-biggest energy user, rejected CNY 147 billion of project proposals in the past seven months because of concern they will worsen pollution.

Rural pollution top priority for MEP (China Daily, 6/6/2009) China will ramp up its investment to curb rural pollution, as environmental problems in the country's vast countryside are "increasingly prominent", vice-minister of environmental protection Zhang Lijun told a press conference in Beijing on Friday.

China unveils stimulus measures for bioindustry (China Daily, 6/6/2009) The State Council, China's cabinet, has publicized measures to boost biological industry, said an announcement posted on China's central government website Friday.

Protecting China’s environment (CCTV, 6/5/2009) Environmental protection in China is considered increasingly important to helping realize sustainable economic development. The central government's response to the global financial crisis is providing a golden opportunity to better implement environmental policies.

China considers penalty tax on high-pollution businesses (Xinhua, 6/5/2009) China is considering levying a tax on polluting businesses to better protect the environment, a senior government official said Friday.

China’s central environment authorities to open hotline for direct complaints (Xinhua, 6/4/2009) People who have complaints about environmental pollution in China would have a direct way to inform the Ministry of Environmental Protection as the ministry opens a tip-off hotline on Friday, the International Environment Day.

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