Issue 37, November 27th to December 4th, 2009


Making energy efficiency pay off (China International Business, 12/04/2009) Consider this: to produce one unit of GDP, China uses an amount of energy two-and-a-half times the world average. This places energy efficiency as a key priority for China, both in simple bottom-line and environmental terms. It also creates great opportunities for market-based solutions.

China has not lowered subsidized tariffs for wind projects (Financial Times, 12/04/2009) Sir, Your report “UN halts funds to China wind farms” (December 2) refers to the unsubstantiated accusation that the Chinese government has fiddled policy to attract Clean Development Mechanism investment. From what we hear, this is a hot topic of debate within the CDM’s executive board as it meets in Copenhagen this week, in advance of the climate summit.

China’s climate games (DNA India, 12/04/2009) Chinese officials have demonstrated often enough that they are the ultimate 'climate change' artists. At the Beijing Olympics of 2008, and during the celebration earlier this year to mark the 60th anniversary of China's founding, Beijing's weather modification bureau officials demonstrably changed the skies over the capital city from a muggy grey to a shining blue, to the wonderment of the world.

Can China be a world leader in green alternatives? (China Worker, 12/03/2009) We see a glimpse of the possibilities to stem climate change in the development of China’s solar and wind industries today, which have grown rapidly. But these developments are being held back and distorted by the demands of global and Chinese capitalism, causing investment bubbles, overcapacity (unbelievably) and extreme imbalances.

Two faces of China’s coal industry (Chinadialogue, 12/02/2009) A project in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, could eventually clean up the planet's fastest growing source of greenhouse gases. Jonathan Watts reports.

Can China go green? (BBC, 12/02/2009) Jonathon Porritt reports from China, where, amidst the toxic power stations and burgeoning numbers of cars, he finds some extraordinary and pioneering green solutions.

China is tackling climate change better than the US – Discuss (Huffington Post, 12/02/2009) As the two titans of greenhouse gas emissions announced their first climate pledges last week, the US and China didn't look like were trying hard to impress anyone or one-up each other. Their modest, if politically pragmatic commitments represented the end of a years-long back-room bilateral game of carbon poker, full of bluffing, posturing, the heckling of India and US Congressmen, and now, a couple of mediocre hands. Neither side looks like a winner yet.

China’s Cophenhagen (The Energy Collective, 12/01/2009) It is a long-held truth that China will inevitably stride on to the centre stage of world affairs as it grows in power and influence. China has no doubt become a major player in trade, development and the environment. More crucially for the topic at hand, China became the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide in 2007, overtaking the United States for the honor and in the last two years has only widened the gap. As one of the largest contributors to climate change Chinese consent is clearly crucial to any agreement (however limited) in Copenhagen and its now necessary successors. However, does this all add up to make China the linchpin of Copenhagen? In short, no.

China’s best party school? (China Environmental Law Blog, 11/30/2009) The Panyu waste incineration plant protest in Guangzhou last week was important for a number of reasons, but one of the most thoughtful takes on the event comes from an unlikely source, the Communist Party of China’s Guangdong Party School.

Lessons from China’ Three Gorges Dam (Asia-Pacific Journal, 11/30/2009) The world’s largest hydropower project has reached its final dimensions. Peter Bosshard draws conclusions from the Three Gorges experience.

Storming the clouds (Chinadialogue, 11/27/2009) Chinese scientists claim to be able to control the weather. But is geoengineering more than wishful thinking? And, if so, should we be worried? David Adam reports.


Chinese media take environment awareness mission to Copenhagen (Xinhua, 12/04/2009) At least 20 Chinese media organizations are to send correspondents to Copenhagen to cover the climate change summit this month, as the nation's interest in environmental issues intensifies.

Building Jiangsu (China International Business, 12/04/2009) From a distance it is easy to mistake the thousands of leafy, vegetable-like flowers protruding from the surface of Jiangsu's Tai Lake for common weeds. Yet, far from being harmful, these plants — water hyacinths, actually — serve a very practical purpose. To Zhu Puping, an associate research fellow at the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the carefully laid-out clusters of lush foliage scattered around the lake are a matter of pride.

Birth defects rise from lack of tests (China Daily, 12/04/2009) Experts say a lack of pre-marital physical checks and pollution have pushed the number of Beijing babies with birth defects to 1.6 percent this year, twice as many as 10 years ago.

Many decline offer to escape lead (Global Times, 12/03/2009) Many villagers who may still be at risk of lead poisoning problems from nearby factories are refusing to accept an offer by the government of Jiyuan, Henan Province to relocate to a safer location.

China should adapt to climate change: meteorologist (AFP, 12/03/2009) China's top meteorologist has warned climate change could cause "incalculable" damage to the country and that efforts should focus on adapting to global warming rather than slowing it.

Home of rare birds under threat as study predicts large reductions in mudflats (China Daily, 12/02/2009) Experts in Shanghai have warned that rising sea levels could pose a serious and immediate threat to wild birds living near the city. A joint study by researchers at Fudan University and the Nature Conservancy China Office shows Dong Tan, an important habitat for migratory birds at the mouth of the Yangtze River estuary, could be reduced by almost a half in the next 100 years.

HIV tests turn blood into cash in China (New York Times, 12/02/2009) A young, boisterous crowd gathered in front of the Purple Tribe nightclub on a recent Friday night, but hardly anyone was interested in going inside.

Hong Kong’s carbon footprint ‘second highest in world’ (AFP, 12/01/2009) Hong Kong has the second highest carbon footprint per capita in the world, due to the city's high consumption patterns and large volume of imports, according to a survey released in Norway.

US man wanted for ecoterror sentenced in China (AP, 11/30/2009) An American man wanted for ecoterrorism attacks in the western United States has been sentenced to three years in a Chinese prison for making illegal drugs.

Chinese panda couple head for Australia (Xinhua, 11/27/2009) A giant panda couple left their southwest China home on a passenger plane Friday for a 10-year stay in Australia, which will be the first time for the endangered species to live in the southern hemisphere.


China wind firm, shipbuilder brave tough IPO market (Reuters, 12/04/2009) Asia's largest wind power generator, Longyuan Power Group Corp, and China's biggest shipbuilder, China Shipping Industry, will each raise over $2 billion in initial public offerings in Hong Kong and Shanghai, testing market appetite strained by a glut of recent listings.

Sino Agro Food, Inc. announces its “Green and Natural” product trials meeting expectations (Business Wire, 12/03/2009) Sino Agro Food, Inc. (Pink Sheet:SIAF), an emerging integrated, diversified agriculture technology and organic food company with subsidiaries operating in China, is pleased to announce its retail trials for its "Green and Natural" line of Dairy products, produced by the Company's subsidiary ZhungXing Cattle Husbandry Co. Ltd., has met Management's sales expectations for the Month of October.

Capstone Turbine names two distributors in China for fast-growing biogas market (CNN Money, 12/02/2009) With China wanting more electricity from renewable sources, Capstone Turbine Corporation (www.capstoneturbine.com) (Nasdaq:CPST), the world's leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, has added two distributors in China focused on securing biogas applications in landfills, agriculture and wastewater treatment plants.

Yangcheng gets environmentally-friendly electronic park (ChinaCSR, 12/02/2009) A letter of intent has been signed between the Yandu District in Yancheng, Jiangsu, and the China Electronics Enterprises Association department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, on the building of an environmentally-friendly electronic park in Yandu.

China grain output may drop 37% on climate change (Bloomberg, 12/02/2009) China’s output of grains could decline as much as 37 percent in the second half of this century if measures to counter the effects of climate change aren’t actively implemented, a weather official said.

Fair wind blows for China’s Longyuan Power (Asia Times, 12/02/2009) China Longyuan Power Group's imminent sale of US$2.3 billion in shares to the public and its listing on the Hong Kong exchange could hardly have been better timed by what is the country's largest investor in wind power farms.

‘Green’ production making inroads in China (Computer Products, 12/01/2009) A new shade of green is gradually sweeping across China's export manufacturing industry, one that took a while to take root. Companies are riding the environment-friendly wave.

Synthesis energy systems and East China engineering corporation to collaborate on U-GAS(R) technology projects (PRNewswire, 12/01/2009) Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. ("SES") (Nasdaq: SYMX), a global energy and gasification technology company, and East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. ("ECEC") (Shenzhen Listed code: 002140), a subsidiary of China's largest chemical engineering group - China National Chemical Engineering Corporation ("CNCEC"), today announced the signing of a collaboration agreement to work together on the engineering, design, procurement and construction of SES' U-GAS® gasification projects within China.

China Forestry announces strategic shift in near term investment criteria (Globe Newswire, 11/30/2009) China Forestry Inc. (OTCBB:CHFY), a timber investment group in the People's Republic of China, cited the limited opportunity to generate revenue from its timber holdings during the current global economic slowdown in today announcing a strategic shift in its near term investment criteria.

Green Technology Chinese Power Grid 2010 exhibition announced (TMCnet, 11/30/2009) “Low-carbon economy” refers to an economy advocating low power consumption, low pollution and low emission, aiming at energy conservation and emission reduction. Seems like everything’s low-carb these days, doesn’t it?

Top rice producer China approves GMO strain (Reuters, 11/27/2009) China has approved its first strain of genetically modified rice for commercial production, two scientists involved in the approval process told Reuters on Friday, potentially easing the way for other major producers to adopt the controversial technology.

China Energy Recovery, Inc. announces Third Quarter 2009 financial results (PRNewswire, 11/27/2009) China Energy Recovery, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CGYV) ("CER"), an international leader in the design, fabrication, implementation and service of waste heat recovery systems, today announced its financial results for the three- and nine-months ended Sept. 30, 2009. All currency amounts are in U.S. dollars.


China, Africa to further cooperation in science, technology (China Daily, 12/04/2009) China and Africa look forward to deepening cooperation in various fields, especially science and technology, industry, agriculture and environment, said Egyptian and Chinese officials at a science and technology expo, which opened in Cairo, capital of Egypt, on Thursday.

China attacks water pollution and plans massive investments (MercoPress, 12/04/2009) China will invest 13 billion US dollars in the next three years in projects to improve the quality of water faced with serious contamination problems, reported “China Daily”. Most of the money will go to sewage systems, water purifying and rainwater harvesting according to Deputy Environment minister Wu Xiaoqing.

China says 16.9 mln T steel capacity to by shut by Feb 2010 (Reuters, 12/03/2009) China has urged local governments to finish shedding 16.91 million tonnes of unsafe and outdated steel production capacity by the end of February, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said on Thursday.

China to build geospace environment lab in Antartica (Xinhua, 12/03/2009) China plans to build a geospace environment laboratory at its Zhongshan station in Antarctica, says a Chinese polar expert.

China to remove outdated state industry (AFP, 12/03/2009) China is planning "rare" and "heavy-handed" steps to phase out outdated industry, state media said Wednesday, days after Beijing pledged to slow the growth in its fast-rising carbon emissions.

Hunan takes a lead with green urban development initiative (China Daily, 12/03/2009) Phrases like "green GDP" and "low-carbon economy" have been more and more common in the Chinese press over recent years. This has been a reflection of the country's desire and determination to succeed in its environmental protection and sustainable development initiatives.

Changsha looks to new chapter in quality of life (China Daily, 12/03/2009) The local government of Changsha has now laid plans to create new renown and make the city into a better place for both living and business, said Mayor Zhang Jianfei.

Chile looks to China’s harnessing of solar power: ambassador (Xinhua, 12/03/2009) Chile has much to learn from China's application of solar energy in its efforts to help curb the effects of climate change, said the Chilean Ambassador to China Wednesday.

Harper looking for China investment in Canadian mines (Bloomberg, 12/2/2009) Stephen Harper, making his first trip to China as Canada’s prime minister, will encourage companies such as China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. to invest in Canada’s mining and energy resources.

China reaffirms pro-growth policy for 2010 (Forbes, 12/02/2009) China gave no sign on Friday that it was planning an early exit from its stimulus policies, pledging to stick with a pro-growth stance in 2010 to cushion the fallout of the global financial crisis.

Government money to flood Yellow River Delta (Alibaba, 12/02/2009) The State Council has approved a plan to develop the Yellow River Delta (YRD) in East China's Shandong Province into an efficient and environmentally-friendly economic zone, State-run media reported Wednesday.

Chinese vice premier stresses environmental protection in water diversion project (Xinhua, 12/02/2009) Chinese vice premier Li Keqiang has called for efforts to build the South-to-North Water Diversion Project into a water-efficient and environment-friendly project.

UN stops approving China wind projects, Official says (Bloomberg, 12/02/2009) The United Nations stopped approving aid for Chinese wind-power projects until it determines whether they qualify unfairly, a Chinese official said.

China Ministry gives security OK to GM Rice, GM Corn (Dow Jones Newswires, 12/01/2009) China has granted security approval to certain types of

genetically modified rice and corn, which may lead to the commercialization of the grains in two to three years, industry participants said Tuesday.

Consolidating the coalmines (Beijing Review, 11/30/2009) Shanxi Province will readjust the structure of its coalmining industry to address a series of efficiency and environmental problems.

China climate goal faces test of trust (Reuters, 11/27/2009) Three little letters could spell big trouble for global climate change negotiations even after China, the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, announced its first firm goals to curb emissions.

China’s climate pledge a wake up call: India (AFP, 11/27/2009) India's Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said in an interview published Friday that China's decision to unveil a carbon emissions target had put pressure on India to follow suit.

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